Tips to Write an Outstanding College Essay

For some students, with help of essay writing websites, essay writing comes easily. However, for some other students, a bit of help is required. Essay writing is a skill that needs practice regularly. It can make all the difference in helping you gain a higher grade. Once you have formulated a method for writing your essays, it is easy to tackle other academic requirements, such as publishing a research paper or writing a book on the topic of expertise. Here are some of the tips for writing an outstanding college essay:

Understand the Assignment:

This may seem like obvious advice. Many students overlook this critical factor in writing a college essay. Failing to answer the assignment question is one of the primary reasons for low grades. Before attempting to write your college essay, ask your professor to discuss the assignment more. This can help you gain clarity on what the professor is asking you to do. If you are asked to critically evaluate something, gain an understanding of the topic, and explore the pros and cons. In contrast, if you are asked to compare and contrast something, write an in-depth analysis of the two topics.

Plan and Research:

One of the essential requirements to write an outstanding essay is to start early. Students are likely to procrastinate on college essays, given how important it is for their grades. However, it is essential to know that procrastination is never a great solution to problems. Students are likely to underestimate the work it takes to produce an excellent essay, which results in procrastination and bad grades. Make a plan for essay writing and stick to it. If you have difficulty holding yourself accountable, seek the help of your roommates or classmates. Once you have overcome the initial procrastination tendencies, do initial research on the topic.

Research Wisely:


Students tend to spend quite some time researching. However, you should understand that writing is the core task here; therefore, spending too much time researching can set you up for failure. Read only the material that is necessary and relevant to your assignment topic. Skimming through vast amounts of academic research papers is an important skill to develop. Once you find the research papers or journals related to your topic, read the abstract or introduction to ensure it is a relevant source. This will help you save a lot of time spent reading useless materials.

Form an Outline and Write:

Based on your research on the topic, form a useful outline, including all the arguments you want to discuss. Once you have developed a proper outline, start writing. An outline will help you structure the essay and write it clearly. Once you have included all the relevant information, including previous studies, statistics, or quotes, check for plagiarism. The next step is to proofread and ensure there are no mistakes in the document. Seek help from other students or roommates for proofreading – sometimes, getting a second opinion can save us a lot of trouble.

Post Author: Terese Romero