Biotechnology Industry 2018 Market Research Report: Product Price, Market Size, Share and Growth Rate of Each Type

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Biotechnology Industry 2018 Market Research Report: Product Price, Market Size, Share and Growth Rate of Each Type

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At its core, biotechnology is harnessing biological and molecular systems to develop products and processes. This report focuses on the most important and fastest growing areas of biotechnology which are its application to health and medicine.

It is divided into three areas: agricultural biotechnology, which includes development of genetically modified crops; industrial biotechnology, which includes production of chemicals, paper and textiles; and medical biotechnology which includes the themes covered in this report such as biosimilars and the microbiome.

The thematic report also predicts that companies which make the most effective use of the modern data tools are going to be successful while, in the long run, big pharma could be threatened by patent expiration and rising competition unless they invest.

This report focuses on medical biotechnology, although it does provide an overview of the players in the whole industry. It splits the main trends impacting the biotech theme into seven categories: macroeconomic trends, technology trends, immuno-oncology trends, pharmacogenomics trends, biosimilar trends, gene therapy trends, and microbiome trends.

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Key Players:


Gilead Sciences

Bristol-Myers Squibb





BGI Shenzhen

Quest Diagnostics




Accord Healthcare


Spark Therapeutics




Enterome Bioscience


4D Pharma


– This report focuses on the biotechnology sector and its most important and fastest growing areas.
— It identifies some of the leading players across the three big segments within the biotechnology industry, including industrial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and medical biotechnology.
— It outlines the scientific technology behind the five main themes in medical biotechnology and why they are important today.
— It highlights the main trends in the biotechnology industry over the next 12 to 24 months.

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Reasons to buy:

– Since the human genome was first sequenced in 2003, the cost of sequencing has come down dramatically and our knowledge of what the sequence means has increased significantly.
— This has helped drive advances and investment in biotechnology fields such as pharmacogenomics, which uses information in a person’s genes to inform how they will react to different drugs and therapeutics, as well as gene therapy and immuno-oncology. This report provides a summary of the key trends impacting the biotechnology industry and its significance to health and medicine.

Key Points from TOC:

Immuno-oncology 4
Pharmacogenomics 8
Biosimilars 8
Gene therapy 8
Microbiome 10
Macroeconomic trends 11
Technology trends 11
Immuno-oncology trends 12
Pharmacogenomics trends 14
Biosimilar trends 15
Gene therapy trends 16
Microbiome trends 17

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