About Us

Business and industries make up two of the most pillars of any economy. Honesty and transparecy are two moral pillars on which our society functions. As the moral intellect dictates, honesty is the best virtue and bringing that to businesses and industries will ensure that the economic advancements of nations around the world will continue unhampered.

Honest Businessman is an attempt to bring to the fore and highlight the imporance of honesty and transparency in businesses and industries. Honest Businessman is a step towards shedding light on how businesses and industries are run across the world and what drives the economic infrastructure of a country or a nation. The newspaper has its roots in the thoughts and minds of entrepreneurs who sought to utilize the platform of online media and amalgamate economics, moral values and online journalism into one mixture.

We at Honest Businessman believe that people around the world have the right to grass root level information about the products and services they use from different businesses and industries around the world. They have a right to evaluate and scrutinize the information published by companies around the world. While business and organizations release their data as part of government policies, not everything is easy to understand and comprehend. That’s where Honest Businessman comes as we understand these things and aim to present the data in simplified manner that is understandable by everyone.

Honest Businessman highlights deserving businesses for their high moral and ethical values and we also lift the veil of businesses involved in corrupt practices.