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Global CFRTP Market Research Report 2018

Thermoplastic composites or CFRTP are generally based on resins that are made of polycarbonate and are the growing substitute of metal and different solutions of plastic composites. Various types of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites or CFRTP are being designed and developed by leading companies with features such as lightweight and thin in size that…
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Europe is the largest production area in the world, which occupied about 29.18% revenue market share.

A wide variety of industrial applications require heating solutions that are reliable as well as efficient. Carbon Fiber Composite Heating Element is ideal for providing such accommodative heating and immense thermal recovery. They can conform to suit the surface that is to be heated and hence they are versatile in nature. Basic flexibility while heating…
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Global Carbon Fiber in Sports Equipment Market Professional Survey Report 2019

The high-strength, high modulus (stiffness) and light-weight properties of carbon fiber have taken sporting goods to the next level of performance. Golf shafts, racquets, skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, fishing rods, bats, and bicycles have all been advanced through carbon fiber reinforcements and the opportunities to further improve sporting good applications are boundless. The reason for…
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